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Metallic Weddings

Metallics, if done tastefully, can add a huge amount of luxe and glamour to any event.
As a bridalwear designer I get to experiment with every type of ground, however I always mute my designs with a touch of gold or silver. You reeeeally can’t have a wedding without them.
The idea of having metallics may seem scary at first…
But there are tricks to be able to use metallics for maximum impact.
Decor is one of the easiest and quickest ways to sneak in some glitter!

IMG_6792-0.JPGYou have so many options where you can use your golden touch.

Centrepieces and vases are available in the most gorgeous antique golds and silvers. Your table decor is the most forgiving part of your wedding, it doesn’t all have to match!

The key is to find a type of metallic you’re happy with and stay away from those that will plummet your wedding into the tacky area. Matte colours and antique colours add the most prestige, whereas yellow silvers and yellow golds turn your wedding into a 5 year old’s princess party. Although….



With table decor…go all out! You can never have too much!


A metallic dress. Not many brides’ idea of preferred bridalwear, but they look SO beautiful and glamorous that you should find a way to incorporate these into your big day.


IMG_6795.JPGThis is pretty full on, but actually for a reception or rehearsal dinner it’s AMAZING!

IMG_6796.JPGThis beautiful Oscar De La Renta shows just how you can add touches of sparkle.


IMG_6797.JPGIf you want to add metallics into your wedding but don’t want to go as far as metallic clothing, go for small touches like make-up or accessories. Huge impact…teeny tiny efforts…what’s not to like?!



These beautiful cakes are the perfect touch to your millennium wedding.


Make sure the teeniest parts have the metallic touch, such as your bouquet. There are fab sprayed bouquets available but if these are not your cup of tea, then improvise.


Embrace your inner Midas!