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All Things Wedding

That day has come….you have your ring…but now what? Now starts the sheer panic of all things wedding that overcomes every bride to be.

Since I was about 11 I have been obsessed with weddings…in the ‘stay away from me, I’m crazy’ kind of way. I am in the process of starting my own bridalwear company: Bespoke…by Shivani (but more on that in the future) and I decided the only way I can currently channel this obsession is through a blog!

This blog will be dedicated to all things wedding; from the big things like outfits through to the little things, that nobody really looks at or cares about but still just as important…like napkins or how many prongs the forks have.

I have been fascinated with Asian weddings so much so that I completed my thesis – all 80,000 words – on Asian weddings today…and this led me to The Bride Loves.

So ring or no ring (it’s no ring FYI) I will endeavour to share tips, tricks and give a little bit of inspiration for your big day.