Finding the Perfect Dress for your Body Type

After a long break (due to a very busy wedding season) The Bride Loves is back! (at least pretend to be excited!) Kicking off the new wedding year with dress types!

The most common question I get asked when designing bridal gowns is ‘what style of dress will suit me?’  I will encourage brides to step into a boutique and try on the dress silhouette they think they want. I emphasise the word think, because more often than not, a bride has had an image of her dress since she was a little girl (or you did if you were like me). This dress usually consists of a cinderella like gown – which in reality, suits a very select amount of people.

Before making a bridal appointment, however, there is a very easy way to narrow down your options. Your wedding dress, your makeup, your hair, are all ways to make yourself look like a more glamorous version on you – the key word being you. Your dress should highlight your best assets and cleverly conceal the bits and bobs that you don’t mind hiding so much. To make things easier here are the most common body types and the silhouettes best suited to them.

Remember, you may not fit solely into one category- most people don’t! Just take the best parts of each category and customise to fit you!

Pear Shaped

If you’re pear shaped try a Natural waist A- Line dress. These are the perfect way to accentuate your smallest part – your waist. You want to focus on flattering the top part of your torso.


‘Paloma Blanca’ by Kleinfeld Bridal


You already have the gorgeous curves, where better to show them off than your wedding? You want to opt for a figure hugging dress such as a mermaid dress.


via WeGoDress

Long and Lean

A column or drop waist style wedding dress are the perfect shapes for you. Show off your gorgeous sleek figure with these two styles as they focus on your long lean torso.

Apple Shapes

Slightly fuller figures around the centre of the body need attention drawn away front the waist in order to give a leaner look. Stay away from princess dresses and figure hugging dresses and go for empire line, ball gowns or A-line dresses.


via Pinterest

Petite Brides

Most shapes will suit a petite figure, however ensure you stay away from too many layers, ruffles and padding. A heavy ball gown dress will look like it is wearing you. Go for simple, figure hugging styles. To make a petite figure look longer, go for floor length column dresses (a platform heel wouldn’t go amiss either).

Plus Size Brides

Ruching is your best friend as a plus size bride as it is extremely forgiving. A lines, empire waist and dropped waist are the best for a plus size shape. The former two styles to emphasise your smallest part and the latter style to emphasise your curves. Go be you!


via Susan Harper

Hopefully this will act as a first step guide to choosing your wedding dress! For a bespoke wedding dress design, contact me on

Follow @thebrideloves on Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration!

Happy Shopping!


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