10 Things To Do The Day Before Your Wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day all! There are some very lucky ladies getting married on the most romantic weekend of the year so here’s a few last minute tips before you walk down the aisle to the rest of your life.

1. Set Your Bedtime..

..and stick to it. It is very easy to get caught up in excitement but you need at least 6-8 hours of sleep tonight so plan your day accordingly. This will not only make you feel rested for your big day, but will also eradicate any puffiness in your skin. Tomorrow you need to be as fresh as possible (and who doesn’t love an early night!)

2. Get Your Girls

Call your bridesmaids / best girls and make sure they are free for you this evening. Tell them all to prepare an hour or two’s worth of giggles, games, pictures, films and anything you need to de-stress and have some fun. It is the night before your wedding after all so take LOTS of photos, you will want to remember this night! Your girls know you better than anyone else so they will know what to do.

Laughing for absolutely no reason..

Laughing for absolutely no reason..

3. Meet Your Planner

At this point you are probably thinking of everything that could/ would/ has gone wrong, however having a meeting with your planner just to tie off all loose ends will put you at ease. Everything is in their hands now, so push it all aside and give her a list of 3-5 people to contact if something goes wrong (and make sure you are not one of them). Your planner is there to help you through this day so just by having a little chat, you’ll soon realise there is nothing to worry about it (even if there is).

4. Stop The Social Activity

This is where you cut yourself off from the world…no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram no anything. You want this night to be about you, you want to enhance all the anticipation of you walking down that aisle and all your guests seeing you for the first time. Constant status updates will ruin this. Speak to your nearest and dearest and leave it at that.

5. Write Him A Letter

Write your soon to be wedded half a letter. You are about to start the rest of your life with him, so write down everything you are feeling and get somebody to give it to him before he goes to bed. Let him know how excited you are, because chances are, he is feeling a little nervous at this point. Add a small note to be opened in the morning, maybe with a gift. It will heighten all the anticipation for the big day.

She surprised him with a list of dos and don'ts for their new house

She surprised him with a list of dos and don’ts for their new house

6. Put Eye Cream On

Get some of your regular eye cream and put it on under your eyes as you sleep. This will help alleviate puffiness and get rid of bags, making your face as wedding ready as ever! Here comes the bride and all….

I am only pretending to be asleep

I am only pretending to be asleep

7. Bath And Facemask

Get an energising face mask and some sensual bath salts, go and relax; pamper yourself tonight; have a bath. Put on some gorgeous music, put your phone away, add some candles, bubbles (bath not alcoholic)and just breathe….

It is really quite hot in here

It is really quite hot in here

8. Step Away From The Booze

Don’t drink any alcohol today, just have water. Your skin will feel better, you won’t feel bloated and that dress will just fall onto you. The day will be heavy enough without having to nurse a hangover. The only drink other than water allowed, is a quick energy shot tomorrow..go all out and have a latte!

9. No Contact

As your bedtime approaches, this is the time you cut off contact with your beau. Let him have some time to himself to relax and wait for tomorrow, you want him to be more excited than your guests, so don’t let him know what you are doing, not to mention, you don’t want to know what he is doing either. Let tomorrow be the first time you speak to each other!

10. Relax And Have Fun

Make this day something to remember, it is your last as a single girl!

Happy Valentines Day all


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