Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Every bride believes they can plan their wedding by themselves, and so does every Mother of the bride, every mother in law, every sister, every cousin, every aunt…(you see where I am going with this). The worst culprits of this thought process are Asian brides!

I’m sure many brides are capable of doing so, but my question is why would you, when there are people who dedicate their lives to this type of planning. I mean they REALLY love seating plans, guest lists, crockery arrangements and more, and they REALLY love doing it for everybody else!!
Seriously..I know because I am one of these creatures!

I am here to let you know why it is beneficial to have a wedding planner.

1. We SAVE You Money
Contrary to belief people actually save money by hiring a wedding planner. We are privvy to industry discounts; discounts that would be unreachable for you otherwise. Yes, even if your uncle’s, neighbour’s, brother’s friend knows somebody who sells flowers…you know you’re doing this.
Put simply are likely to get things cheaper.

2. We Know Who to Call
You may find it difficult trying to make your dreams a reality. You saw a picture on Pinterest 5 years ago of a twisty, half glass, half wooden, sparkly but not too sparkly mandap that was just PERFECT. But you don’t know where to find it! Guess what…we do! It is our job to make your dreams come to life. We will find you that mandap, whether it is someone we know directly or whether we know someone who knows someone…(be quiet, it’s different when we do it).

With the endless contacts, your wedding planner really does know who to call. It is also this particular reason that you will get the best out of every supplier.il_570xN.412348367_fsfl

3. Be Stress Free
Your planner takes on the stress, so you don’t have to. They are your go to between every single person, leaving you with only one person to speak to about all aspects. Your planner will organise all your meetings, ask all the questions you will inadvertently forget and for a minimal fee your planner will be there on the day to make sure all goes to schedule, leaving you to enjoy your big day!

4. Budget
Your wedding is one of the most emotional times of your life, making it very difficult to stick to a budget. Your wedding planner is your version of an accountant or a financial advisory, specialising in the field of nuptials. They will know where to keep your purse strings tight and where you can or should loosen them a little. By being a step away from your wedding, emotionally, they can again, save you money (starting to see a little pattern here).

engagement5. Be Engaged
You should remember that the period between getting engaged and getting married is not there solely for wedding planning. You are newly engaged to your dream man and you will not get this ‘in between’ time again, enjoy your engagement and enjoy it before what will be the best day of your life.

This is just that; the best day of your life and you deserve for everything to be absolutely perfect. Wedding planners know exactly what you need to make this day perfect, leaving you stress free.

6. You Can be Forgetful
You won’t need to remember every little detail all by yourself. Your planner will have their own checklist to make sure everything is done on time and will give you a nudge when you need to do anything. Imagine that…not actually having to think by yourself!Wedding-Planner

7. You Still Have a Life
Most people in this day and age have jobs and responsibilities that cannot be pushed to the side. Planning a wedding takes a large amount of time and an incredible amount of effort if you are doing it by yourself. A wedding planner is your own personal wedding PA, doing all the running around for you, leaving you one branch to check into.

wedding_Planner_vs_site_coordinator1(pp_w631_h468)8. Your Wedding Coordinator is Not a Planner
You may have a great coordinator who will help with all things on the day and they may even supply you with a list of recommended suppliers, however they do not take care of all the other aspects. There is a huge misconception that your coordinator is also your wedding planner, but the difference is that your wedding planner is there with you from start to finish, helping mediate your family disputes, advising on colour schemes and flower trends and anything else you desire. (And they can be there on the day with you)

9. Family Demands
The second you announce you are engaged, you will undoubtedly be inundated with requests and things you ‘must do’, especially Asian brides, which of course will conflict with what you both want. Many bride and grooms find it difficult to be able to manage all these requests and it can become quite stressful, as people start ‘forgetting’ that it is your wedding and not theirs. Your planner will be there to deal with the requests of your family without letting you both take on the stress and help you find the best way around the situation with expert advice.

10. Fix your Problems
Your wedding planner is pretty much your guardian angel. They will anticipate anything that ever go wrong and they already have solutions prepared. Having witnessed some of the biggest wedding blunders, personally, I know how stressful these situations are and how quickly they can turn the best day of your life into the worst day. Lucky for you, your wedding planner is here. Whether something go wrong with your hair and makeup, your flowers, your outfit  and more, we can fix anything.


11. Turn Your Dreams into Reality
Your planner will help turn your visions into the magical reality you want it to be. No matter how vague your vision; the planners know what to do. They know all the latest trends, they have the knowledge of the wedding industry inside out and will not leave a stone unturned in helping you achieve exactly what it is for your big day.

Let yourself enjoy the pre-wedding part of your life, you won’t be getting it back!

Happy planning


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