Oscar De La Renta – A Bridal Inspiration

Following the sad news of the passing of the amazing Oscar De La Renta, I thought it only fitting to showcase his 2015 Bridal collection.

De La Renta has led a truly inspirational design career and has been one of the biggest bridal names within the fashion world, not to mention an icon in ready to wear fashion.

Oscar De La Renta – 2015

The 2015 collection comprises of the perfect use of embellishment and embroidery against clean, crisp silhouettes. Just amazing!

ecce0a16-537c-4994-8418-cd8ff62c5662 da5b3213-1e20-490b-be25-9adf8df833e4

The us of lace within the collection is minimal, comparative to the use of material, creating the perfect angelic bridal look. e725fe7f-737f-45cb-823e-38bb7c80b004This open empire trail skirt has to be one of my favourite cuts from this collection. So simple yet so effective. d031aea8-e467-4f47-b7b2-65b8a3a0dc7dI absolutely adore this embroidery. Threadwork is a huge passion of mine within my own bridal designs so this gets a huge thumbs up from me. d9db6b6e-b42a-495e-957b-b7a204c81a31A full padded skirt. YES. A gorgeous lace overlay yoke. YES. Love! a465d22d-966b-4665-b5cc-3f17686d6894No I don’t just like this because the new Mrs. Clooney wore it. The only designer to make a short wedding dress ooze elegance.66648922-de95-40b6-bf0b-62b9e727985a b56b2c77-4ecf-49d8-9c61-dad9825698eb b15374ff-c75e-4328-aacc-8a680ad77212 beach dressThe perfect beach wedding dress. Front split, lace and a bohemian bouquet…beach anyone? 112047b3-1103-4556-80cb-a49fd274751b27226a52-2b01-4460-9bbb-fa592c254427 3262b234-3dd8-4a13-848b-2c856bbccf7b 252faccf-b59f-4c47-93f7-cedc6b978c82 17e552e2-550b-485b-8954-38857db273ee 4acf889d-57a8-4628-83bc-1d3451a730afThe cut of the corset is so beautifully structured, this shape would be amazing on any figure! 02c926a2-acff-4c54-8036-a447f7be3fd0 1a104f33-0dc2-4b48-998f-f9b175189eeb 0c377fc0-e744-4472-ac15-cdb1c0628ae2

The De La Renta brand is infamously known for its simplicity and elegance. This gorgeous collection proves only this. I can only hope a 2016 bridal collection was in work.




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